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Digital Signage Solutions

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Not sure about digital signage? Watch our animated brochure.

We are a Digital Media Agency specialising in the implementation and management of digital signage solutions and offer our clients full animated content creation. We have been in operation since 2008 and since inception have built up a client base; in both the retail and corporate sectors, that we are particularly proud of. Bamboo Beat is unique in the fact that it is a boutique firm that can always offer the most personal and customised service. Our core product offerings include, but are not limited to: promotional screens, video walls and digital menu boards.

We believe this differentiates us from our competitors and enables us to develop a solid relationship with our clients. The varying but complimentary personalities within the firm strike a perfect balance between innovation and practicality thus ensuring that the service you receive is a well-rounded one. We are a young, dynamic and passionate group of individuals that are continually looking to strengthen our skill sets and develop our expertise so as to better service our clients.

We strongly believe in the ideology that provided our clients are permanently satisfied with our performance then our results and growth alike will take care of themselves. In this advanced and fast changing industry a firm needs to be adaptable, flexible, innovative and able to act with speed. We believe that although we have these attributes, we are always open to learning new things. We will never stop learning and we take pride in this fact.

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