app desgin

App Design

BBM is able to assist in designing and registering any app that a customer may want to implement across both the iOS and Android platforms. We are also able to integrate apps with a number of different beacon products.


Hardware & Software Sales

We sell & manage a variety of digital signage solutions. In addition to this, we are registered re-sellers for a broad range of top quality hardware and software suppliers both locally and internationally.



There are many benefits to implementing a digital signage network. Many organisations are however, not willing or able to outlay the capital required. We have solved this problem by introducing “lease and manage” packages.


Installation Services

BBM retains the services of installers across Southern Africa. Whether you require the installation of a complex digital signage solution or a simple AV solution, we will always have a team available to assist.

full network

Full Network Implementation

BBM ensures that each digital signage solution is tailor made to suit each specific client. From the sourcing of suitable hardware & software to installing, managing and maintaining solutions and networks - we handle it all.

content management

Content Management

BBM has a dedicated team focused on managing digital signage networks and solutions. Automatic alerts and 7-day-a-week monitoring help us to keep our customers happy.

technical suppor

Technical Support

BBM retains the services of support engineers across Southern Africa. Should our technicians not be able to assist you remotely- either via telephone or TeamViewer - on-site support will be arranged as soon as possible .

content creation

Content Creation

BBM is a full service agency with an in-house creative team specialising in content design and generation. From simple graphic design to video production and complex animations, we are able to assist no matter what your needs.

full network

Network Management

Have a digital signage network that hasn’t worked out? BBM is happy to advise you on how to sort out the problems you are experiencing and more than willing to takeover the management of said network if need be.