In-Store Radio


In-store radio is a powerful medium for talking directly to your customers. It is heard throughout the store and increases spontaneous buying at the point of purchase. Through a combination of carefully selected music and high quality promotional and brand messages, your In-store radio will increase sales and build brand awareness - the kind of awareness that enhances customer loyalty and brings them back time and time again.

How It Works

This is a software based program that runs off your office PC and is connected to the store amplifier. There is no need to purchase any additional equipment. All new promotional messages and music are downloaded automatically with file sizes approximately 50 MB per month (not streamed). All service is via a telephonic help desk which eliminates the need for call outs.


We create playlists that cater for diverse audiences, no matter where you are located. You have a say and preference. All music is updated monthly.

Monthly Promotions

Professionally recorded messages by top voice artists and produced in our in-house studio in most official languages.

Staff Radio

A highly economical and effective way to stay in touch with staff.