Digital Menu Boards

digital menu board


One of the biggest benefits associated with deploying digital menu boards is that they simply make the menu items look more appetising. The images are dynamic and the colours are more vivid. Features like steam and condensation can be introduced to tempt customers into purchasing the menu items and promotions can be added and removed at will. When you consider the fact that introducing digital menu boards also eliminates the need to print and distribute static posters at every change of campaign and that you are able to schedule menu changes based on the time of day or demographic customer cycles, it becomes pretty obvious why most quick service restaurant and casual dining operators are making the move to digital menu boards. At Bamboo Beat Media we do however realise that the needs of our customers vary greatly and as such we build our digital menu board solutions from a number of different display types based on budget and operating hours.

Digital Menu Board display options

  • non-commercial

    Quality displays designed and manufactured for home use. These displays are cost effective when used in a digital signage environment but must be managed accordingly. Missing some of the features and functionalities associated with commercial displays but certainly not lacking in picture quality. Ideal for small business owners and low cost solutions.

  • lite commercial
    Lite Commercial

    Quality digital signage displays with features and functionalities that make them an outstanding solution for a 16-hour duty cycle. Features include video wall capability and RS232 control which gives these panels the undisputed title as a capable all-rounder. These are undoubtedly Bamboo Beat Media’s most popular displays with regards to digital menu board solutions.

  • full commercial
    Full commercial

    Quality digital signage displays with features and functionalities that make them an outstanding solution for a 24-hour duty cycle. Features include, amongst other things, video wall capability and RS232 control. Perfect for harsh manufacturing environments and businesses that trade 24 hours a day. Bamboo Beat Media regularly utilises these displays for digital menu board solutions within petrol garage convenience stores.