Mirror Display Solutions

Mirror displays create a more engaging and informative customer experience by combining the power and reach of digital signage with the visual clarity of a standard mirror. Featuring high reflectance, the displays clearly portray both real-time mirror imagery and complementary content with minimal visual impairment. Through improved visual accuracy, the displays serve as valuable sales tools that persuade and inform customers. Ideal for salons, change rooms and any other retail environments.

The mirror displays elevate the traditional mirror through a bezel-free design that further keeps viewers focused on reflected and shared content rather than on the signage itself. Additionally, this bezel-free composition grants retail owners added flexibility to take their mirror display arrangements even further. Several displays can be combined into unique, video-wall style arrangements without gaps or inconsistencies between screens, generating endless visual possibilities. 32” and 55” panels are available and as an added bonus a proximity sensor can be added to a mirror screen solution to trigger content or mirror functionality when a consumer walks within a preset distance.

Clients Using Mirror Displays

Use mirror displays to create a more engaging and informative customer experience

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